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trend micro bestbuypc has a successful record of serving its customers with the functions of malware and data protection. As the OS and other technologies get updated every now and then. It is highly desirable for the same. The technical team is available 24*7 technical supports for any encountered problem about the downloading or installation process. Here we are addressing how to install Trend Micro on a new computer. The steps are so simple that every average person can run the processes and set up the software. The following steps can help to serve the purpose:

  • In order to install the latest version of Trend Micro on the Computer, you need to visit the official website
  • You have to do a little survey on the websites you need to use depending on the version of your software.
  • If you intend to download Trend Micro Maximum Internet Security, then you must visit
  • Also if you want to install trend micro internet security then you need to click on Internet Security.


Where to find the serial number of my Trend Micro Security?

When you visit the page where you would normally start a scan, you should find a human figure at the top right. Click on it and it will give you the information once you sign in. However, you can see a slightly different procedure in finding the serial number for Windows and Mac operators.

Finding serial number from Trend micro in windows:


  • First, open the antivirus by double-clicking on the antivirus or from the Start menu of the computer. 
  • Now, click on the icon which is the man like (along with the icon of question mark displayed on the top right-hand side of the main window).
  • The about your window will display your serial number and its expiration date.

Features of trend micro antivirus on a mac computer

When you purchased a trend micro you got a ton of features along with the trend micro –

  • Real, real-time protection – You purchased trend micro from best buy, you have done the right decision as it is real, real-time security. When you activated the trend micro security on your computer. Trend micro antivirus is running in the background and it will detect the threats on a real-time basis. Threats will be detected at the time when they will try to enter your computer.
  • Trend micro-updates its virus definition on an almost daily basis which classifies the new threats in the market. After classification, it updates its virus definition over the network. So now if these new threats even try to intrude they will be detected and removed from the system.
  • Family protection
  • Email protection
  • Browser extension – A browser extension by trend micro will help you for safe surfing. When you will see any search result on the search engines it will show you a green mark on the safe websites and a red mark over the malicious websites.

Why do i Install Trend Micro Antivirus-(Reasons)?

  • Your important Data is not secured
  • Computer or other device is not working properly
  • Applications I device are kept on crashing
  • Unable to connect to your network
  • Keyboard, mouse, & touchpad not working properly
  • Your Operating System is corrupt &not working
  • Crashed your Hard Disk
  • Unwanted malicious Pop-ups is occur
  • Slow performance of device, applications & programs
  • Give advanced Online Protection for you

install Trend micro best buy

Trendmicro Internet Security Activation

pattern miniaturized scale web security enactment is a simple undertaking. Here I will tell you how to download, introduce and initiate pattern smaller scale web security.

Most importantly open site page in your PC. The program will naturally begin to download.

Presently if the download is finished simply double tap on the downloaded document.

When you will double tap on the document then the establishment procedure will begin it will provoke on the PC. Pursue the positive alternative for example “truly” “proceed”

Appears as though it is requesting your enactment code now simply put your actuation code which is referenced on your TrendMicro card.

At long last, your TrendMicro security is initiated and prepared for its first filter.


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      Nicely done. My Trend micro is not from Bestbuy can you please let me know how to complete a non-bestbuy download of Trendmicro.